Bedtime Stories For Adults

I have constantly heard that Frightening Stories to Inform in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz is scary so I thought I would give it a go. Well, I do love a creepy story! There is something incredible about laying in bed, checking out a horror book and knowing at some time you need to put the book down and attempt and sleep. I found these stories pretty funny. They were certainly ghost stories, however weren't especially scary - I think they are aimed at children though!!

When I was a kid I used to check out as often as possible. I liked ghost stories and anything about alien abduction (weird kid). I remember checking out Point Scary books in bed and frightening myself to the point I would wish to sleep in my parent's room.

I read all the method through my teenagers and as I entered my 20s, it began to trail off. I simply didn't have the perseverance for it any longer. I still bought books however primarily ones focussed on reference rather than anything you would actively check out in a couple of sittings, or in bed. I didn't really know why I could not engage bedtime stories for grown ups with reading like I had in my younger days until I began treatement for depression and stress and anxiety in my 30s ... unexpectedly a little bit more headspace showed up and I discovered that I could engage with books once again. So I began searching for groups for people that simply want to check out without feeling evaluated on their choices - I could not truly find anything where the focus was on the satisfaction of reading instead of either super-biased fandom or chin-stroking psuedo-intellectuals fighting their method through Moby Penis. I desired a Book Club for individuals like me who just wan na check out and smile. So, here it is ... join me if you want to speak about books without feeling judged, if you wish to share your thoughts or rediscover your love of reading. Join me if you simply want to hang out and speak about fascinating characters and universes. Shut The Book Up, Rebels, you remain in the Club!

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